2014 Floral Print Trousers Spring Trend

Printed Flower Bottoming Pants

I am sure you all remember your mom’s in the 80′s wearing floral print trousers. My mom looked fabulous in them. In the 90′s I hated our entire fashion legacy. Floral prints? How cheesy and kitsch. But you know what? Now 20 years later they are leading the runways and the streets and I love them! As I always say there is nothing new to fashion, just reinvented, nipped and tucked. As if that is so wrong!

Printed Flower Bottoming PantsPrinted Flower Bottoming PantsPrinted Flower Bottoming Pants

2012 Spring Fashion Weeks all plunged into a Garden of Eden and delivered us explosions of floral prints. Dolce & Gabbana’s show still remains my favorite with sexy, floral Sophia Loren’s look-a-likes invading the runway. Salvatore Ferragamo’s floral print silky jumpsuit can turn any fashion ignorant into a real fashionista. And the list goes on with Cavalli, Thakoon, Mary Katranzou, Osman, Isabel Marant, J. Krew or Alaexander Wang. They all go back to sensual femininity.

Printed Flower Bottoming PantsPrinted Flower Bottoming Pants Printed Flower Bottoming Pants

And everyone wants a piece of all this old school glamour and sex appeal that is the new 2012 spring fashion trend. Celebrities and non-VIP’s such as myself relish on the floral print trousers. In converses or heeled Louboutins, with jumpers or blazers they sure make us look so effortlessly cool. There is a bit like Olivia Palermo & Jessica Alba perhaps, but in high street fashion.

Printed Flower Bottoming Pants Printed Flower Bottoming Pants

This week London streets seemed to have exploded with floral print trousers. They are everywhere.

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