5 Styles Celebrities Have Rocked Trench Coats

Trench coats have been with us for years now. While being great is keeping you warm during the cold weather, you can still pull off an amazing look in your trench coat as most celebrities have. In 2018, trench coats will come in different styles and colours, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian who have given a bit of inspiration with how they wore them. There are many ways that celebrities have looked good and stayed warm while rocking trench coats during the cold seasons.

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Full Official

Are you off to the office and wondering if your trench will make your look less official? Well, it won’t. Whether you are going to wear your trench with a skirt suit or a trouser suit, you can still pull it off. One thing you need to do is to consider blending the colours well. For example, a blue suit will go well with a beige khaki trench coat. Also, you can choose shoes that are the same colour as your trench.

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Wear As A Dress

Have you ever thought about it? Well, if you haven’t, it is time to. Think about wearing your trench as a dress. You can pull off this naughty look if you are going out for dinner and you don’t want the stress off over-dressing. One thing for sure is that with this look, you will be warm and look confident.

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With A Sexy Skirt

You want to look great while putting on that sexy skirt you have, and you are trying to figure out how you can during this cold season. You can pull off that sexy skirt with a trench coat. All you need to do is to find a trench that matches well with the skirt’s colour, a cute top and you can go for either low or high shoes depending on the occasion. One thing for sure is that you will don’t want to lose your sexy mojo by buttoning up your trench. Just let it remain open to show off your skirt.

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With A Dress

It’s a girls night out and it’s chilly outside. You don’t want to look the odd one out by trying to rock a pair of pants. Why don’t you put on a trench on top of that cute dress? This has been one of the most captivating trends that we’ve seen celebrities rock on nights out. The look makes you a touch sophisticated while you will ooze class all through. With this look, you want to pair it with some smart looking high shoes.

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Wear With A Scarf

So, it is too cold outside, and you are wondering what you can add on top of your trench without compromising your style and still keep warm. Add a scarf on your neck to cover up for the space between your neck and your chest. This look will look good if you can manage to pull on the same colour for your trench and your scarf.

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Being that it is winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best because you are trying to keep warm. Celebrities have shown that you can look good while also keeping warm in your trench coat. Why don’t you give some of these ideas to rock your trench this cold season? For more clothing to combine with your trench coat, please go to Banggood.


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