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Christina Pimenova

Do you have a feeling which you just saw the pictures on the internet that you have fall in love with him/her? That is what happened to me this morning! I saw news which was posted by Huff post Life, the news is talking about the youngest models in the world, Kristina Pimenova. Since I saw her pics on the Internet, I just fall in love with her, but do not to misunderstand and my love is not that love, I just feel so beautiful after I know there is such a perfect little model. She is soooo beautiful and her eyes are clear when she is watching the camera.

Christina PimenovaChristina PimenovaChristina Pimenova

Christina Pimenova’s modeling career took off quickly she was known as “the most beautiful girl in the world” by some. The 9 year old has been with some of the main industry, including Robert Caavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani.

Christina PimenovaChristina PimenovaChristina Pimenova

Her career has caused a lot of controversy, however, many people worry about the embryonic Russian model is completely too young, especially her model of the picture suddenly appeared on the internet.

Christina Pimenova

Christina PimenovaChristina PimenovaChristina Pimenova

Christina’s mother runs her own Facebook and Instagram accounts, which have more than two followers between 2500000 people. Her mother  shows that Christina has never posted on the Internet their anywhere, but some still think this is a special photo so, which critics say is sexualizing young girl, because of the inappropriate: photos of some improper remarks, some call her “baby”, and said other things, simply should not say to a nine year old. However, there are many commentators debate about whether it is the fault, or if her parents put these photos there.

Christina Pimenova

Her mother also published some of the rules of the Facebook page, she ran her daughter, basically asking people to behave, but still remain controversial.

Christina PimenovaChristina Pimenova

What do you guys think of the whole thing?

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