A Pop of Red to Break You Out of the Rut

As the big fans of the fashion trend know, the trendy colors in this autumn and the winter are no more black, gray, and white, since it looks a little bit colder to wear in those colors. Instead of those drab and dark colors, there are more and more people who dress in red and pink to grab all the attentions. It’s true that different colors could bring you different mood, so why don’t you have a try on the red or pink in the cold weather.

woolen trench coat woolen trench coat

The red color will remind me of the warmth that I feel beside the fire, and a pop of red do make people feel optimistic and passionate. The ruby red is quite eye catching, and the woolen trench coat in red is super eye-catching and flashy due to the bright contrasting color in the winter. It’s a bold choice to show your unique vibe, and I would love to keep my lips red to go well with my red coat anyway.

woolen trench coat

To keep yourself warm, the red sweater is the one you should have. And it can be quite easy to style with the red sweater, since a pair of pants in black will be enough and fashionable as well. I would love to wear a shirt inside the sweater, which does look a little bit younger somehow.

cheap red scarf

How about the cheap red scarf which is also eye-catching and could keep you warm in the cold weather? I love to have one of the scarf, since it looks so warm by wrap my neck with the scarf.

cheap red scarf

Aside from the red clothes, why don’t you get yourself a pair of high heels in red? This idea is quite delicacy, since we don’t have to use the red a bunch to our outfit. It won’t be too flashy, but it could make you look feminine.


Hey, guys, this is Vicky. As a blogger who write about fashion clothing, I'm going to show you all kinds of fashion trends about slim figure, and I bet that you are going to love them.

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