Be FRESH in This Summer

I have seen some movies in this summer holiday, and it is come across that all of these movies are all talking about summer fresh sense. And in these movies, there a fresh girl in it! She is wearing a floral little dress then look young and energy! Try to image, there is a warm afternoon and wind is blowing slowly. In such a moment, she is running to you with wearing a floral little dress. I guess you will never forget such a beautiful moment if you can come across this view.


Are you ready to smile and slow return in this last summer?

Floral this element is worthy of a small fresh style first essential element, the wanted small fresh, how can not a small floral dress? Of course, girls can join halter or slits element to attract attention, look carefully machine!

With skills: floral halter dress + Sandals


Romantic large printing is also possible, but preferably with a white bottom or other relatively light-colored background, color is more difficult to do too little fresh Oh. Straw also assists small fresh style effective little helper!

Matching skills: white and blue floral dress + hat


Small second element should be the white of fresh. White is the most pure and most elegant colors, you do not want to miss a small fresh white up.

Matching skills: cut white dress + Sandals

Dressed in a white dress, elegant and refined.

Matching skills: white dress + vintage style high-heels.


Fringed hem, fresh and clever.

Matching skills: White shoes White Dress + flat shoes


Join dimensional flowers of white chiffon dress, youthful vitality.

Matching skills: a white dress + white high heels


And pink series is another important element of being fresh. Both pink blue or pink color are the fresh colors in this hot summer. If you want to have a fresh fashion look, you should have these two colors to help!



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