Finding out before you buy shorts, his ass what type of woman’s body curve is almost determined by two key parts breasts and buttocks, especially in the summer. For the former, we have enough attention, and talked about enough, but for the latter, many girls may not be too concerned about this, just buy a fashion short, is it really necessary? And I can tell you, it is!

Bottom plump:
This is the dream type of butt. And I’d love to tell you which kinds of shorts you can choose then can make you butt shape more perfect!

fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts

The waist stuck in the crotch of the shorts, usually vertical design, you can perfectly cover the buttocks. And to prevent the embarrassment caused by the slide in shorts was shape of butt simultaneously.

fashion shortsIf you like to wear high-waisted shorts, girls, we must pay attention to the length of the legs. Mold mildew is basically wearing a long leg style. Or you can choose a curling style and adjust the length of the trousers according to.

Full Buttocks:
Try to choose the A-line shape’s shorts and some shorts have flower prints in summer. Just like Kim and Jessica Biel.

fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts

Triangle hip:
Waist does not want to highlight selected low waist, like Lucy Mecklenburg such tight waist pants can show your good figure invincible.

  fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts

Flat buttocks:
Choose some shorts which have pockets behind the back, which can make your butt fuller.

fashion shortsfashion shorts fashion shorts (13)

Sagging buttocks:
Ordinary silk and cotton fabric care cannot afford sagging buttocks, hip effect choose a denim shorts, preferably with a belt, but be careful not to choose shorts.

fashion shorts

If you do not tangle how to shape it to show their buttocks, loose shorts Boyfriend direct election system of it, is still the same, not short legs.

fashion shorts fashion shorts fashion shorts

Small hips:
Some shorts like arcuate Shorts and causal sports shorts are better for Olivia Palermo whose butt is small. As I say, small butt has a god looking when they match fashion shorts.

fashion shorts fashion shorts

fashion shorts fashion shorts

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