The Best T-shirt Trends of 2018

If today’s fashion scene has proven anything its that simple can still be classy, elegant and still rock at the same time, One such item is the T-shirt which has remained a classic in the industry, from popular celebrities to politicians everyone can’t seem to get enough of them.Whether you’re looking to make a statement, send a message or just look stylish you can never go wrong donning one, especially if you’re up to date on the current trends.Here are some of the best T-shirt trends in 2018 that will do just that, for you;

bape belt

  1. Deep Jungle

Jungle inspired prints give a versatile but still unique look, coupled with animal prints they send out a tropical vibe but at the same give it a more appealing look.The dense jungle color that appears on the background gives it a meticulous appearance.

bape belt

  1. Creative Slogan Imprints

They creatively send a message without the need to speak, they contain well-phrased words meant to inform, educate or even criticize, they can be infused with many other techniques which add to it.Used as a form of expression of your current mood or feeling,  wearing your heart on your chest kind of look.Definitely a standout.

bape belt

  1. 3. Holographic design

An ever-evolving trend that just keeps impressing, from the stretched color pigments to the digital distortion effects added onto photographic images with some typography that finishes it off with a glitch effect.A clear masterpiece.

  1. 4. Road Trip

A retro look, that showcases desert locations, tropical features, palm resorts and other vintage locations.They send out a tourist kind of vibe that brings the nostalgia of the 70’s and 80’s while still looking hype.Definitely one of the best T-shirt trends of 2018.

bape belt

  1. 5. Use of Comic characters

A look that proves to be popular with a large fraction of people, mainly eye-catching, they usually feature cartoons, animated prints of superheroes and twisted faces.Still, have a commanding presence in the scene and only looks to get better as this niche targets a majority.

bape belt

6.Oversized T-shirt with a bape belt

An oversized T-shirt is always trendy and never out of fashion. In 2018, the designers combine it with a bape belt, which not only gives you a chance to show you slim waist but also redefine T-shirt in our mind.

bape belt

Whatever look you are trying to pull on, from official, casual to simply elegant it is important to know that current T-shirt trends that will complement your overall look, It is often said that what you wear tells a lot about you and what better message to the world than through the best T-shirt trends of 2018.


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