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The autumn 2015 Stevie May collection titled “The Odyssey” has made its official debut. The Australian line displayed the current line by way of photographer Sylvie Coles who captured model Zippora Seven in front of opulent balconies and stairwells, making it appear as if she was on a chic vacation abroad. zanzea fashion  zanzea fashionzanzea fashion

Stylist Jesse Hart pulled together a series of Stevie May pieces that matched its upscale traveler motifs. In spite of the fall season that this set is geared towards, Hart include free-flowing Bohemian pieces, seen in tiered summer dresses, patterned floor-length gowns and printed overalls.

zanzea fashion

With loose fabrics and spiky heels, The Odyssey Stevie May segment has much to offer. Those who follow the label will be able to partake in its effortless approach to feminine fashion.

zanzea fashion

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