Cat Lover Fashion Trend | Cats Short Mini Skirts

Are you a cat lover that likes to carry cat-shaped totes, slip your feet into cat patterned shoes and wear cat-eared hats? If so, you’re going to want to get on the cat face print bandwagon this instant. Such as this cats print overskirt. It is a twinset and it is very classic and fashionable.

Cats Print Overskirt

Cat prints on clothing, accessories and footwear have long induced a state of gaga-ness among the ladies, especially the cat-loving types. If you’re looking to hoard more cat-inspired pieces, we highly recommend investing in clothing imbued with the adorable cat face prints.

Cats Print OverskirtCats Print Overskirt

No, you won’t look like you’re exuding cat lady vibes at all. Cat prints rendered on clothing are just too sweet to pass. Cat faces on shirts and dresses? Now that’s a complete heart-stealer and if you’re a feline in your previous life, a purr-inducer!

Cats Print Overskirt

Taylor Swift, queen of vintage and retro styles, was spotted wearing a white cat print top with black shorts and statement-making green floral print canvas sneakers just earlier this year, subtly announcing to the world that she might just be a cat lady at heart after all.

Cats Print Overskirt

We look forward to heart-wrenching songs about mean and cold cats, as well as cats that left more than just teardrops on her guitar.

Cats Print Overskirt

Anyway, cat lady or not, who in their right minds would reject any of the cat face printed looks below? Scroll on real quick to be swooned by the magic of domestic cat faces stamped on clothing:

Cats Print Overskirt

Do you go nuts over the cat print fashion trend? Would you sport any of the looks above? If so, which one’s your favorite? Share below and let the world know.

Cats Print OverskirtCats Print OverskirtCats Print Overskirt

Wearing: @Cats Print Overskirt, Zanzea® Fashion.


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