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I finally feel a little cool when I am going to work! To face this cool feeling, I am sure…

Houndstooth AGAIN!
Houndstooth AGAIN

Swallow gird is stared from the Prince of Wales grid and it also called Ge Lunge. Since the Windsor wore…

Scarf | Accessories Fashion
Scarf Accessories Fashion

Bandana or Bandanna scarf is the hottest fashion accessories in 2015 autumn and it is not difficult for people to…

No matter which skin color you have!
skin color fashion

I always want my skin can be whiter because when I am looking some magazines, I can see many models…

Pleated Skirt in summer 2015
pleated fashion

Pleated skirt is the hottest for young ladies when the season is summer. In summer, you will see many young…

Perfect matching makes you perfect!
perfect matching

Okay, one-piece dress is the necessary women fashion clothing in your wardrobe especially in summer season. One-piece dress is the…

Ruby Rose, my STYLISH girl in Australian
Ruby Rose's fashion

Guys, I thought you have heard the news that it is legal about homosexual’s marriage. That is an amazing even,…

Looks TALLER by wearing matching!
tall dressing

Hey, are you ready to get taller in one second? I will tell you the secret which can make you…

Create a Wild You!
leopard print chiffon cardigan

Office ladies just come and have a look! Chic matching is made by leopard print, some simple matching cannot be…

Love! Gigi Hadid’s Fashion Pics Show
Gigi Hadid’s Fashion

You must have heard Gigi Hadid and she is a new super star in fashion world. I have to say,…

Some fashion tips to catch the his heart
attracted fashion

Tips 1: Simple is perfect! Even the simple white, it also can play an innovative mix of different materials through…

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