How to Choose a Hat for Your Face?

There are so many reasons why we do wear hats. Talk of ceremonial reasons, protection purposes or even as an indicator of one’s social class, the list is endless. The hat is an all-time fashion accessory that makes our presentation complete. The paperboy cap has emerged as one of the most common types of hats in recent years. However, no matter the kind of hat you need, it is always good to go for that one which settles well on your head in order to bring out that stylish appearance associated these fashion accessories.

paperboy hat

How to choose a hat for your face

The trick of wearing this popular head fashion accessory and coming to outsmart in it lies in finding the one that better suits your face shape. Below is a guideline on how to choose the best hat for your face.

Oval face /round face

You are very lucky if you have a round face because it opens up the universe of caps to you. However, the only advice I can have for round-faced persons when it comes to hats is to avoid anything that is likely to accord their head a much rounder appearance. More angular hats are what you need for that beautiful appearance you deserve instead. A baseball cap and paperboy hat can be other great alternatives here.

paperboy hat

Elongated/long face

The best advice for people with this type of face when it comes to hats is that they don’t deserve anything that may appear to lengthen it. This way, they should settle for hats that will make their faces appear shorter and a bit wider. Therefore, a big floppy hat that settles low on the forehead is the best option here.

paperboy hat

Square face

People having this type of face would want to settle for something that will wind up their appearance in a comfortably stylish manner. In this regard, caps with rounder crowns will tend to be more suitable for this category of people. Anything else that is boxy and structured is likely to make their faces look boxy. A Kate’s hat, which is flat, can be a great stuff here since they are likely to fit square faces well giving them a roundish crown.

paperboy hat

There can’t be any doubt that there are hats for just everyone, regardless of their face shape. You just need to get in front of the mirror and get to know the shape of your face. With this understanding, you are now set to get out and search for that best hat that suits you well.


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