How To Choose The Perfect Leggings And Pair Them?

From bright neon pops to plain whites and blacks, from a simple ensemble to a striking patterned one, from stripes to chequered blocks, leggings come in all sorts of styles! Legging lovers all over have fallen in love with its leg-hugging features that not only accentuate your legs but are also super comfortable and fuss-free. It is no surprise that leggings for women are a current fashion essential.

 leggings for women

1) First things first, when buying a piece of clothing, always make sure that it fits you well, flatters your figure and makes you feel at ease. Thus it is important to pick the right size when it comes to leggings, make sure your stomach isn’t spilling over your them and that they don’t stretch too much because their coverage is going to be affected.

 leggings for women

2)Choose the type of fabric you want with great care, as a lot lies in it. It affects the overall look of your outfit as well as decides the sheerness or opaqueness of it. A cotton is a comfy option for a long day or cotton-lycra ones that are a win-win for fashion as well as ease. The new raging trend of a leather look usually comes from a mix of nylon and spandex and are perfect for the oomph factor. There are also velvet leggings of the late for a sophisticated look.

 leggings for women

3)To pair your leggings with your clothes, if you are conscious of your derriere then opt for a long top that covers it and this is how leggings are usually paired, or even under a dress on a cold day or for when you haven’t shaved your legs. But if you’re all set to slay gym with a sports bra and your workout leggings then YOU GO, GIRL!

 leggings for women

4)If your leggings embrace a bold print or pattern, plain tops are a must to avoid looking like a clown. They come in all sorts of patterns and stripes and some even have a sheer patch. Chequered tights are the dramatic go-to look. Be careful to balance out your outfit and go minimal with accessories.

 leggings for women5)If you’re wearing boots and want your leggings to go over them, choose a legging with a zipper at the ankle. But if you’re wearing your boots over the leggings then zippers can feel very uncomfortable, so ditch them.

 leggings for women

Leggings can add fun to a plain top and make your outfit pop as well as offer a subtle minimalistic look, along with being super comfortable and effortless. The diverse range of options available adds to the catch. What are you waiting for? Go grab a pair and rock them!



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