Comparison: The Wearing Style of Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez had something in common and that is the affection of Justin Bieber. As you might have heard from the news lately, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have recently been engaged. This is astounding news because it only tells us that this is more than Selena Gomez could ever have hoped for as she and Justin have never been formally engaged. The way these two persons dress on formal occasions and how they wear on the streets reflect on their personalities and may give us a hint of why would Justin Bieber chose Hailey Baldwin over Selena Gomez.

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On The Streets

As you may have noticed, both Hailey and Selena would wear almost anything under the sun but there are still big differences in the clothes that they pick. Selena Gomez would wear floral dresses and cheap t-shirts with big patterns on them. she also loves to wear sweaters and jackets for no particular reason. Hailey Baldwin, on the other hand, has no particular style when she’s on the streets. She could go from a one color over-all dress and trousers to a big floral polo shirt and short shorts with black boots. The only difference it would seem is that Hailey would still go out on full make-up while Selena would go for the natural look.

cheap dressesOn the Red Carpet or Formal Wear

This is where they both get serious on their over-all appearance from the dresses that were made by famous designers, shoes from famous and latest brands, hair and make-up from celebrity stylists. Selena would still go for that natural look and would still have floral patterns and laces. The best features that she brings out during red carpet events is her face and would partially reveal some of her skin. Hailey’s dresses during red carpet events are sights to behold. She would wear almost revealing clothes with intricate patterns and almost showing her underclothes (if there are any). She would out looking daring and dashing, All of her fans would just go “WOW!”

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Who is the true winner is when it comes to wearing clothes from cheap dresses to long gowns used for the Gala and red carpet events. As for me, I prefer Selina’s style because of her naturalness. But Hailey Baldwin’s bold, exciting and liberated look is also loved by many of my friends. Perhaps, that is the reason why she won the heart of Justin Bieber.



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