Crazy Sale on Banggood’s Tenth Anniversary

Crazy sales on Banggoods 10th anniversary has already begun. The time is on countdown. Goods from all categories are provided with unprecedented prices.  You do not have much time to waste, take action now!

Banggood’s 10th anniversary

In addition to providing many discount specials to new and old customers, Banggood provides many attractive promotions, you can invite your friends to join spike activity or forwards Banggood offer information to your social networking platform on, get your friends together and you get the low prices.

Banggood’s 10th anniversary

Banggood’s 10th anniversary

Activity One:Birthday Countdown

“Check in” everyday to collect BG coins. You only have one chance only per day. You should know, the more days you check in, the more BG coins you will get. If you check in from Aug.8th to Sept.9th (33 Days) in a row. You will get 456 BG coins in total. You will get another 5 coins every day if you share anniversary news on Facebook. You will get extra 165 coins in total.What about if you didn’t check in on any particular day, then you will start from 2 coins a day again. At last, Banggood reserves all rights of Anniversary Campaign.

Banggood’s 10th anniversary

Activity Two:Crazy Lottery

You need BG coins to Roll Crazy Lottery. 7 coins are needed per entry. You can roll the game up to 10 times a day. At last, Banggood reserves all rights of Anniversary Campaign. You should notice: All coupons expire on Sept 11th. Coupons are valid for site wide products without promo tag in cart. Prize winners will be announced here & forum on prize list. The winner need to click the button “Get Your Prize” to fill information. Deadline for the prize is Sept 10th 10:00 (UTC+8).If you miss it, it means you give up the prize. Come to the party and have fun!

Banggood’s 10th anniversary



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