Decoding Women Fashion in the 1920s

Behind research papers and documentaries, lies much more brainstorming researches and discoveries that can provide answers to our unanswered questions. These have been temporarily or permanently hidden from our view for many decades and perhaps centuries.The technology of fashion was mastered by people right from the ancient days and its development in this modern era still reflects that of ancient days, that is the 1920’s fashion.

retro dresses

1920s Dresses.

These retro dresses were designed for women and the history of their design changed the fashion industry forever. Their colors were usually solid tones. The 20s had little partying and therefore the design of the dresses was long.

retro dresses

This design was for elongating the body and were worn often by women. The artists of those days worked by giving magnified illusions of dress dimensions by illustration.

They would then make drawings taller or the size of a real living woman. The choice of which type of dress to wear depended on the time of the day. There were those that were ideal for daytime, afternoon and party events.

retro dresses

Iconic pieces of the 20s.

The 1920’s women fashion had a good variety of dresses. These included :

Simple cotton dresses which were worn by housewives. It was a thick, black cotton stocking. They had colorful stripes and checks. They were very durable.

Casual 1920s day outfit. This was of higher quality than the cotton prints and was meant for walking. It was made from silk blend crape. The colors were black and grey.

Church dresses. These were specifically meant for church. They would be worn with gloves.

Rosebud Flannel dress was a large dress meant for sleeping.

Lace layered dress was worn by women and meant for walking.

 retro dresses

Development of 1920s fashion.

The modern fashion essentially began in the 20s. The development of cotton and wool fabrics and the means of fastening clothing accelerated the 1920s fashion.

The increased production of fiber vastly improved the manufacturer of new clothing that was very affordable. It led to the production of dresses for work, partying and for home chores.

The change in women’s role in the society also changed women’s fashion further.


Fashion Icons of the 1920s.

The technology of the 20s resulted in the development of many fashion industries during the 20s. Each industry manufactured different designs of the 20s Retro Dresses. This period introduced many fashion icons as listed below.

retro dresses

Coco’ Channels was famous for introducing the little black dress and was the greatest influence on the women’s fashion of the 20’s.

Clara Bow’s 1920’s fashion.

Colleen Moore’s fashion.

Louse Brooks fashion.

Josephine Barker.

Greta Garbo and Valentina.

Dorothy Sebastian and Joan Crawford’s fashion 1920s.

Dorothy Mack’s fashion of 1920s.

These fashion icons of the 20s changed the fashion style forever. These were the greatest influencers in the 20s fashion style. The design of the 20’s Retro Dresses is still in fashion until today.



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