Elegant Skirts Impeccably Emphasizeing Body Shape

Elegant skirts impeccably emphasize body shape, which is the first necessity for a sexy look. We all know there is nothing more comfortable than wearing our favourite pair of pants whether it be jeans or sweats. In 2018-2019, we are seeing skirts giving out the tone of style. No more buying jeans and sweats, it is time to fill your wardrobe with an elegant skirt or something a little sexier. There are however new rules that fall in with the new fashion to create the look. With so many designers grasping at the urges to create new sexy skirts for the spring and summer season, there is no doubt that a perfect rang of colours and styles suit every fashion taste out there.

sexy skirts

Skirt colouring:

If you love to wear blacks and whites that is ok, but you will need to dilute the darkness with a piece of bright colour. You don’t have to abandon the black look as long as you add some colour accent or a new fresh texture. Choosing the material will be difficult, but leathers and light chiffons work well with black being the base element.

sexy skirts

Leather skirts

Only the leather skirt can pull off the sexy skirts rebellious spirit look as well as the elegant look with the right shoes. Standard is below the knee with a high waist. You want to dress this look with a faded colour like greys, chocolate, and green khaki. The matching style needs to be a turtleneck or a lightly shaded blouse.

sexy skirts

A quilted skirt

With the new fashion, year don’t be afraid to go out of the box with designs and add some texture to your look. Quilted skirts don’t fall into the sexy skirts category, but they do offer more warmth if you choose to wear within the winter season with a tall pair of boots. Quilted skirts can be a wrap skirt, Gaudet skirt or a pencil skirt. This type of skirt compliments a light blouse or a knitted sweater.

sexy skirts

Wearing a sophisticated print

Some prints change from each season like flowers and geometry. Skirts are now being seen with abstract drawings, optical illusions, and floral compositions and even real textile collages. If you choose prints, then you need to choose a toned-down base colour shirt or blouse in natural shades like white and nude.

sexy skirts

Skirts with slits

Now, this type of skirt falls into the sexy skirts category and perfect with the subject of asymmetry. In 2018-2019 there aren’t any rules for length or shape except for abstract cuts that appear several times in different areas. Skirt with slits can be pulled off both being worn mini or maxi but need to be complemented with a blouse that appears jagged and uneven with a little show of cleavage or a plan button-up blouse if you want to appear more professional but relaxed.

sexy skirts

Step out into the new sexy skirt fashion with the 2018-2019 fashion trends to follow. Don’t be left behind this year be on top of the fashion and rock the look!


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