Everlane Teams Up With Langley Fox Hemingway to Create the Most Perfect Tank Top Ever

fashion tank top

Celebrity collaborations are a dime a dozen. So for one to catch our attention, it has to be pretty spot on: The product has to be great, and the partnership really has to make sense. And this one, sustainable fashion line Everlane’s first-ever collab with model and illustrator Langley Fox, checks all the boxes.

fashion tank top

Fox, one of Everlane’s first models, has created two simple tanks for the brand. That doesn’t sound like much of a feat, but each one is just about perfect. The muscle tank, Fox explains in a video about the collab, is inspired by a top she stole from her big sis, model Dree Hemingway, and wore to death. The drape tank is a bit more feminine, and has a thoughtful backseam detail.

fashion tank top
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