Everybody is talking about 70s

the 70s“American Hustle” is a popular TV show in recently. To flow its hot trend, the style of 70s is become more and more hot in fashion world, everybody wants to have an image of 70s, and they all want to be the next Audrey Hepburn.

the 70s the 70s

the 70s the 70s the 70s

So speaking of 70s, what the right elements of 70s and if I am in 70s, which kinds of fashion elements I should take for this image? And I know some key words you should know such as: hippie, flared trousers, suits, thick flat shoes, bohemia, mini-skirts and A-line dresses.

the 70sthe 70sthe 70s

the 70sthe 70s

Not all of those elements you should take, you should combine with modern element and create your own style. So now, let’s get into the 70s!!!!

the 70s the 70s

the 70s the 70s the 70s

I want you to feel more vintage fashion from my blog because vintage fashion element is always classic and never been old fashion. In the 1970s, the fashion is full of the characteristics of ethnic dress inspiration and crafts, sexy deep V collar or Strapless evening dress, chiffon one shouldered bat sleeve Jumpsuit skirt is at that time for classic clothing. I wish you can be always classic and stylish, so we can continue the 70s, to continue the classic thing in old times. Be classic and be fashionable.


Hello, everyone. I'm Nicole who love fashion, love smiling. My blog is writing about Zanzea clothing which is special for women to shape a slim body and chase after the fashion trend. Do you want to know the latest trend in the fashion world? I won't let you down.

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