Fall 2014 Runway Fashion Trends: Zebra Stripes

Zebra Striped Outerwear

While leopard prints still rule the runway, we are seeing zebra prints earn their stripes as a popular go-to animal print for Fall 2014 fashions.

Zebra Striped Outerwear

Animal print is a fantastic way to add some wild references and bursts of color to your ensembles, and these zebra print fashion styles are some great examples of how you can update your wardrobe with some eye-catching stripes.

Zebra Striped OuterwearZebra Striped Outerwear

Zebra Striped OuterwearZebra Striped OuterwearZebra Striped Outerwear

Zebra prints are instantly recognizable for their references to the majestic African animals that roam the lands. Zebras have a unique exterior coat that features a very distinct black and white striped pattern, making them stick out from other more ordinary animals. And then become zebra striped outerwear.

These zebra colors have translated into fashion as a way to reference those eye-catching and mesmerizing animals.
Zebra Striped Outerwear

From editorials featuring models wearing those zesty black and white stripes to shoes and sneakers outfitted in those iconic colors, these zebra print fashion styles will definitely add a bold and striking look to any outfit.

Zebra Striped OuterwearZebra Striped OuterwearZebra Striped Outerwear

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