Fashion Autumn Dresses

While in autumn, the weather is getting cooler, but the beautiful girls still like to wear dresses, so what to wear shorter children born was high? Today let me introduce several autumn dresses and a beautiful mix of skills, so that girls seem to have model-like figure. Whether worn alone or with a jacket, they are stylish. In the early autumn season, simply wear a long-sleeved dress, you can easily get to the autumn match.

Long sleeved shirt dress

The first kind of dress is light pink dress, shrouded in light crocheted lace, nice and quiet, lace pattern, leisurely bloom, mysterious, elegant, gentle is that this gives you the most features. Long sleeved shirt dress always comes lady temperament, coupled with flowing chiffon and romantic prints, the whole body is full of gentle feminine look. Matches with a pair of the most fashionable shoes as decoration, for decency.

 Long sleeved shirt dress

Vintage pleated skirt coupled with the color floral wedge sandals shows sweet image. Romantic red floral openwork knit dress with a beige jacket, breathable more mellow, with black boots, fashion charm, a red shoulder bag, but also demonstrates the reckless atmosphere. A mori girl dress match with belt, show refreshing flavor, you can choose high-heeled sandals to enhance your charm , showed off a perfect curve, more feminine.



As a basic model of high waist design, long sleeve dresses are favored by many famous actresses, they create visually perfect body proportions division. Such models wearing long-sleeved dress looks slim and elegant, do not cut close to the body a little more space, simply exposing the most delicate part of the leg, will be able to create the thin appearance.


Hey, everybody! I’m Lisa. In my blog I will bring you the latest fashion trend and wearing tips with my keen sense of vogue. What’s more, I could make your wardrobe full of stylish seasonal items. Don’ t hesitate to come to my blog and leave your comment.

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