Holographic Trend in 2018

The fashion world has seen a number of cutting-edge innovations and ideas in its design aspect, many of these are very commendable and some are just plain trash. One of the many trends which we can all agree to be really eye-catching and very interesting is the holographic fashion pieces. This mirrored look has swept across the 2018 fashion world like wildfire and it doesn’t look like it’s ready to stop just yet, with futuristic design that makes you feel like an outer-space superhero or amazing colors that feels like you’re a living rainbow in a unicorn dreamland, this fashion piece is locked and loaded to blow our minds away.

holographic backpackThese trends were first introduced at the New York fashion week (fall 2018) with various designers like Jeremy Scott, Tom Ford, Sies Marjan and others incorporating mint and rainbow flecked fabrics into almost everything from trench coats to evening wear and even suits. With various designers around the world picking this up and also redesigned these pieces incorporating them into trousers and even tea dresses.

holographic backpackWearing futuristic looking outfits with varying color tones can be quite an interesting thing to pull off but one aspect of the holographic concept which is even cooler is the holographic accessories including but not limited to the holographic backpack.

holographic backpackPairing this metallic and shimmering accessory with even the most basic looks is sure to give you that sophisticated but classy look you’re hoping for. Pulling these fashion statements off can be sure to get quite confusing, if you’re afraid of looking like a painted broken mirror, in the end, it is quite advisable to follow these simple but helpful guidelines;

  • When pairing a holographic backpackwith items of clothing, be sure to reduce the total color contrast of your entire outfit. Holographic pieces are colorful enough, you do not want to look like a distorted rainbow in the end.holographic backpack
  • Your makeup should be a reflection of the kind of fashion statement you’re trying to pull off. Don’t applybasic makeup to a heavy piece of holographic material.holographic backpack
  • Be sure to rock your holographic pieces as freely as you can, don’t hold back in having fun while at it.

holographic backpackHolographic pieces are here to stay and we absolutely love them, be it unicorn or mermaid themed trench coats, jackets, Kimonos, or just backpacks, purses or bags, we couldn’t have asked for a better trend for 2018. With items of clothing this fun and happy to rock, who could get tired of always turning heads on the streets while rocking your outer-space superhero costumes. Everybody wants to look like a sci-fi superhero who’s here to save lives and give you a dose of intergalactic euphoria. For more holographic pieces, please check this page.


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