How Do Women Celebrities Rock The Parka?

Parka jacket mostly use on the cold winter, parka characteristic is their hood, with a lot of pockets made of leather and combine with fur, originally parka jacket wear by hunters in during winter, since hunter need to hunt in the open wild in a cold day, the jacket will give warmth to the wearer.

2018 parka jacket become more trendy amongst youth because the jacket not only gives warmth to the wearer but also gives a mysterious impression. Many women celebrities have rocked the parka jacket and make it a trend. There are combinations of clothes and pants when you want to wear a parka jacket.

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Casual look

The parka jacket can be combined with a simple top, skinny jeans and paired with fashion boots. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears parka jacket  with simple cloth make her casual day more fashionable and does not look complicated, simple and easy.

Cara Delevingne has worn the parka jacket in casual look combined with her loose pants and a casual top, great for enjoying nightlife with style.

Gigi Hadid, rock the parka with sneaker combination and jeans with a simple top, making her gorgeous and look simple while remaining mystery in LAX airport.

Emma Stone spotted wearing parka jacket combine with simple short-sleeved T-shirt make her fresh and fit while still looking sexy.

Victoria Beckham wears a parka jacket during spring by combining with white top and jeans. She looks comfortable wearing the jacket during spring.

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Pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t wear a parka jacket stylish. The jacket can protect the baby without wearing extra cloth that can make the mother hard to walk.

Blake Lively stepped out with style in New York City during a chilly day. Her pregnancy doesn’t prevent her from looking style. She wears a parka jacket with style, giving enough warmth to protect her and her baby from cold weather.

Liv Tyler with her baby bump look spirited walking in the big apple street for some errand, the combination black parka jacket with her blue jumpsuit make her spirited.

Keri Russell killer maternity style, look fabulous in her channel combine with a blue-white striped shirtdress and tennis shoe, look positively radiant and prove that pregnancy will not prevent you to look style.

Kim Kardashian looks graceful in her baby bump wearing brown parka jacket combine with a white shirt and long trousers at the bottom.

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Office day

Daily routine can’t prevent you from looking stylish. With the right combination, you still can look stylish and do your daily routine with a parka jacket.

Jennifer Lawrence spotted in New York street wearing black parka jacket with her white and black top and black bottom with her high heels, looking fabulous, serious and professional.

Jessica Chastain at LAX Airport for her work trip looks professional combine with black top and bottom.

Karlie Kloss rocked her brown parka jacket with white top, brown denim skirt and over the heel boots, giving her serious and casual professional look.

Jessica Alba in New York streetwear wear a pink parka jacket with pink long trouser and white skirt, making her like a young successful executive.

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Parka jacket not only wears during winter but also can be wear in any occasion and situation. Most of the celebrities combine the colour, when they wear a dark parka jacket then inside they will wear a bright colour shirt or clothes and vice versa. For the bottom, most of them put a darker colour so it will bring the light out of them. For more clothing to wear with a parka jacket, please check here.


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