How to make a security tag remover

Needless to say that you should never shoplift. However, maybe you’ve purchased an item and brought it home only to realize later that the cashier didn’t remove the security tag. If that’s the case for you, then today I have some good news for you; you see, you can remove the tag from your clothes without having to take a trip to the store. In this article, I will list a number of methods in which you can use in order to remove the tag, and also some of the items you can use to remove the tag.

How to remove a security tag

Using rubber bands

  • With the help of a rubber band, place the ink cartridge of the tag face-down. The cartridge is a part of the tag that just out of the plastic.
  • Then, pull the section where the tag is on the clothing away from the rest of the cloth
  • Then, use a rubber band and slip it under the pin of the security tag
  • Hold the larger part of the ink tag using one hand
  • Pull of the pin using the other hand. At this point, the pressure of the pin should be strong enough to pop the pin off and separate from the rest of the tag.

Using a screwdriver

  • Place the section of the cloth with the security tag on the flow with the ink cartridge facing up.
  • Then, take a screwdriver with the thinnest flathead and place it on the edge of the raised square pyramid
  • Press down hard to pierce the plastic and then pull it up.
  • Continue doing the same all the perimeter of the plastic
  • Then, remove the silver lining
  • Using the screwdriver, lift one arm of the metal that holds the pin in place
  • Separate the pin from the tag. At this point, the pin should slide easily through the now-free hole and the tag will be removed.

Freezing the tag

  • Freeze the garment with the ink tag
  • Rip open the tag. You can choose to use pliers or your hands, or the rubber band method to ensure that the ink doesn’t spill everywhere.


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