How to match with your Bosom Friend

I want to talk about the bosom friend fashion this time because I really really want to wear into the bosom friends fashion with my best friend. And I find two super famous stars and learn from their bosom friend fashion!

Bosom friend fashion

Tell me you have had an idea that you want to wear the same but special fashion clothing with your best girlfriend, but of course you can wear the completely same with her, what should you do in such a moment? I just learn from Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadidi, they wear the twins fashion clothing when they are walking on the New York city and you will sense that they are in the same style but not the same in details (zanzea fashion).

Bosom friend fashion  Because of the different height and appearance, you should know how to wear the twins’ style and you can lose in the whole style.

Twins style fashion should be the same or complementary in the basic structure. Kendall and Gigi choose the same hair style, shirts, jeans and short boots’ combination, that is the same in the basic structure. In the same shirts style, Kendall choose the white shirt and Gigi choose the black one, that is the special point of the twins’ style clothing.

Bosom friend fashion

And if you look carefully, you should realize that Gigi’s shirt is shorter than the normal one, it can show the perfect wiasted and she create the old fashion by choosing the hole jeans and the pointed shoes.

Bosom friend fashion

Kendall is smart as Gigi, double belt is very attracted and the most important is the tassel bag, that is vintage and nature!

Bosom friend fashion

And the last one is the sunglasses, Gigi choose the wide style leopard pattern sunglasses and Kendall is wearing her favorite pilot sunglasses!

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