How to Rock a High Waisted Maxi Skirt in Autumn?

When it comes to dressing up, we all want to look unique, stylish and comfy. We all have our choices to get ourselves dolled up and classy. What better way to glam up than a beautiful maxi skirt?Maxi skirts are the great choice especially during the summer paired with a crop top, loose tank tops or simply t-shirts. High waisted maxi skirts are a great way to style up the hot beautiful weather.However, as much as we would love to rock them, the weather may not always be in our favor

But, no need to lament! You actually don’t have to wait till the next summer to go back into fashion. You can actually incorporate a high waisted maxi skirt into the winter and snow!

Sounds unearthly, right? But it’s definitely possible. Worn in the right way, high waisted maxi skirts look cool in winter.

So before I get you more confused, here are some tips to wear a high waisted maxi skirt during Autumn;

  1. Layer up with a chambray shirt tucked into the maxi skirt with a long and cozy cardigan paired with a beanie.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1. Plaid shirt tucked in a maxi skirt and a colorful scarf to keep warm.

high waisted maxi skirt

3.Long sleeved denim jacket and scarf with a vertical lined long sleeved shirt under.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1. A warm sweater front tucked into your maxi skirt as wearing them streamlined gives a bulky look.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1.  A combo of sweater and maxi with a belt worn over the sweater at the waist. This prevents a bulky look and elongates the legs.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1. Maxi skirt with a slim sweater of blending color with a long necklace to break up the look.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1. A solid colored long sleeved shirt with a patterned maxi. Blend with a bright scarf for warmth and add up the color.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1. Fur vest with a long sleeved shirt leaves you looking super chic.

high waisted maxi skirt

  1.  A polka dotted sweater tucked in gives a more sophisticated look blended in with a statement necklace.

10. A shirt with a soft blazer and a belt to cinch the waist.

high waisted maxi skirt

To achieve a complete and detailed look, play with different colors and patterns example, a plain high waisted maxi, with a patterned or multi-colored shirt,blazer.


I hope now that your confusion has been cleared and you can agree that regardless of the weather, we can still glam up and be up to the look! Besides, if you want more beautiful high waisted maxi skirts, please go to the Banggood web.


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