How To Rock Sneakers Like Rihanna?

Rihanna is not only the favorite songstress of many, but she has also over the years proved to be a fashion icon. Many of her die-hard fans could give anything just to become a close replica to her, at least in the fashion sense. The beauty queen never seems to lack fashion ideas, something which has won her a place in many people’s hearts at the expense of her competitors. From dangerously high stilettos, boots to sneakers, her choice of comfy shoes are evidently on another level. Let’s look at some of her best street sneakers fashion trends;

comfy shoes

Jumpsuit And Sneakers

On this particular day, Rihanna went for the body-hugging red jumpsuit complete with black animal prints. She complimented the look with black sneakers. The songstress obviously wanted a comfortable feel for a nice stroll down the street.

comfy shoes

Sneakers And A Floral Dress

Summer is definitely a time to enjoy and let your skin soak-up in the sun. So if you can’t keep off cool sneakers, then you might want to try them on with that little floral dress you have been holding up for long. Rihanna paired her floral-printed dress with a pair of comfy shoes and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

comfy shoes

Camouflage Pants And Sneakers

For a long time now, camouflage outfits have been on the street trends. On one occasion the fashionable lass paired her pants with a white sports bra and dark-blue jeans jacket. And of course, her feet swayed comfortably in matching camouflage sneakers, with a black shade.

comfy shoes

Denim Overalls And Sneakers

Pair the denim overalls with your favorite strapless top and sneakers, and you will appreciate the final look. You can also mimic Rihanna with a bomber jacket around your waist for a beautiful finish. As for the make-up, go nude or minimal.

comfy shoes

Sneakers And The Fur Coat

This could be the perfect look for those winter days when all that matters is comfy shoes. The songstress/fashion icon paired her floor-sweeping white fur coat with a black t-Shirt and black-red sneakers. She also had on a laid-back silver coated neck piece for the chic appeal.

comfy shoes

Shirt Dress And Sneakers

Well, every girl should have a shirt-dress in their closet. Rihanna proudly displayed her black one with a pair of black sunglasses and black-white cap. Then she cleverly added a touch of snow-white sneakers to lighten-up the look.

comfy shoes

Remember feeling fashionable is all about fun. So don’t be afraid to experiment. A little twist here and there wouldn’t hurt to come up with your own set of street-friendly sneakers’ style! For more fashion sneakers, please go to Banggood.


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