How To Rock the Velvet Trend?

As you might be already aware, the velvet trend is back with a thud. You get to see plenty of velvet accessories, trimmings and even dresses pretty everywhere. Famous global fashion designers have also been doing their best to showcase their velvet trends quite prominently. So if you love the sight of fancy velvet blazers, straight and structured skirts, and sexy tank tops, you better get this new fabric look. Besides, there are several rich colors to select from. You can also get some inspiration from this celebrity looks:

sexy tank tops

Kendall Jenner’s Metallic Gold Velvet Look

While in London, this beauty elegantly stepped out in a tantalizing thigh-revealing metallic gold velvet suit that left her fans in awe. She paired it with a pair of thigh-high black boots for a classy look.

sexy tank tops

Eleanor Tomlinson’s burgundy velvet jumpsuit

Well, jumpsuits have been in fashion for a while now. Therefore it isn’t surprising if the Poldark star decided to rock it on her out and about adventures. A little golden clutch came handy to complete the look

sexy tank tops

Victoria Beckham’s Mint Green Velvet Skirt

On one of her tours to New York, Victoria Beckham boldly stepped out in a plaited mint green velvet skirt. She gave it an excellent pairing of a snow-white shirt and signature black shades.

sexy tank tops

Rita Ora’s Backless Black Velvet Flowy Dress

The Grammy party gave Rita Ora the chance to showcase her ever-surprising fashion sense. The beauty lass wore a floor-sweeping backless fitting black velvet dress, a creation of Tom Ford. She paired it with a pair of stilettos for a perfect look.

sexy tank tops

In addition to the Above celebrity velvet trends, here are some more ways of wearing the trend;

The Velvet top; the drops in temperature work very well with sexy tank tops. You enjoy the warmth of the thick velvet fabric while remaining fashionable.

sexy tank tops

The Velvet Boots; the party season is here and nothing could make it better than a pair of warm soft velvet boots. Pair them with the right attire and accessories and be the center of the shoes-envy talk!

sexy tank tops

From the above examples, it’s evident that the velvet trend accommodates a lot of creativity. You can even pull it off with a velvet clutch bag if the full attire concept doesn’t sink in well with you. It’s time to step out in velvet style! For more clothes to rock the velvet look, please click here.


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