How To Wear If You Have Muscular Legs?

Muscles are always thought to be unfeminine for a long time now. However, finding the right clothing that flatters your physique is the only solution but can be very difficult. This is because most are designed for skinny, average and plus-sized masses. Fortunately, there are many ways to dress up without attracting too much unwanted attention. Therefore, if you have muscular legs and struggling to find the right fashion balance, keep reading these few guidelines.

high waisted maxi skirt

Choose the correct skirt

Long skirts with wide hemline like the maxi skirts can cover up your muscled legs altogether. A high waisted maxi skirt ending at the ankle with a high side slit will make your ankles and calves look slimmer by contrast. Always avoid pencil skirts and for the best length, choose the one that ends just above or below your knees.

high waisted maxi skirt

Finding the right shorts

Your muscular legs should not be a hindrance to wearing your favorite shorts. Here are some of the qualities you should look at while shopping for the right shorts:

  • Look for wide legged shorts.
  • They should be loose and flowy.
  • They should be stretchable.
  • Try some pull-on shorts.
  • Avoid any Bermuda shorts.

high waisted maxi skirt

No to flat shoes

Flat shoes can make you look squat by emphasizing your big muscled legs. You should instead opt for medium-height heels that make your legs appear longer and thinner. Always avoid skinny stilettos and spike which can extremely exaggerate large calves. If you must wear flats then choose peep toe flat. Reason being that by exposing more foot they take away the emphasis on your heavy legs.

high waisted maxi skirt

Dark tights

You should wear dark tights with matching dark shoe and a black skirt or dress to make your legs appear longer and slimmer. You should avoid contrasting or patterned tights because they will attract unwanted attention.

high waisted maxi skirt

Highlight your top half

This trick helps distract people’s attention from focusing on your legs. Apart from wearing dark colors below your waist, use brighter colors on your upper body. Jewelry and scarves help draw attention up. However minimal prints should be applied to the upper body.

high waisted maxi skirt

Wear tall boots

A riding boot or a tall dress boot can fit very well with large calves. They should be a little higher than the ankle with some decoration at the top such as stitching or a stud. Also, they should be of the same color as stockings or pants.

high waisted maxi skirt

Pointy toe shoe

You should always avoid round toe shoe that makes your legs short and heavy. Instead, opt for pointy toe shoe that makes them look slim and elongate. Also, make sure the color of your skin and shoe are matching.

high waisted maxi skirt

In conclusion, don’t let your muscular legs make you miss out on your favorite fashion designers. The problem is usually not your body but the design of the dress or shoe and how you match them up. Follow this tips and you will be sure to look fabulous and confident. For more clothing for hide your muscular legs, please go to the Banggood shopping site.


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