Last week I saw my friend Billie was wearing a new sweater and she looks very cool when she is on this V-neck sexy sweater! And I’d love to post some pics by Zhenzhen Huang, hope you like it!

Boyfriend Sweater  Boyfriend SweaterBoyfriend Sweater

Okay, so maybe literally borrowing your boyfriend’s clothes isn’t the best idea in the world, but one of my favorite trends lately has been the influx of menswear-inspired clothing.

Boyfriend Sweater

Boyfriend Sweater Boyfriend Sweater

Also, why restrict yourself to the women’s section when you never know if you will find a great vintage tee or a rugby scarf in the men’s section?! Boyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend Sweater

There are several boyfriend-inspired trends out there right now, but I am going to review the three that I feel have become the most prominent throughout the college fashion scene.

Boyfriend SweaterBoyfriend Sweater

Boyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend Sweater

I love this trend! Have no idea why this would ever go away! There is nothing more chic than a women looking and feeling sexy in men’s clothing. It is absolutely a blast to dress like one of the boys. Also if you are feeling a little bloated that day you can cover all those insecurities up!

Boyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend Sweater

Don’t worry, your boyfriend will not mind you wearing his shirts. He believes it to be sexy anyway!! Enjoy some of my favorite images of women in menswear!

Boyfriend SweaterBoyfriend SweaterBoyfriend Sweater

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