Killstar’s At Midnight Lookbook Features Gothic Fashion Staples

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Titled ‘At Midnight’, the latest Killstar lookbook boasts Gothic fashion staples and symbolic imagery. The catalog is an homage to alternative youth and features models who experiment with drawn-on eyebrows and bold lipstick hues.

zanzea fashion

Dressed in Killstar’s occult-themed range, models don statement sweaters, printed swimsuits and sleeveless tops that embody an edgy air. The pieces are adorned with graphics like pentagrams, skulls and other zodiac-themed motifs.

zanzea fashion
zanzea fashionzanzea fashion

zanzea fashion6zanzea fashion
Killstar is a clothing manufacturer that specializes in edgy and urban fashions. Their latest Gothic fashion range will appeal to alternative youth and the daring style-setter who isn’t afraid to stray from the common crowd. In addition to its bold clothing, this lookbook also features occult symbolism that is brought to life with slithering snake creatures.

zanzea fashion


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