Knit Cardigan: One Fashion Essentials in Your Wardrobe

Designed for both comfort and style, cardigans come in several different designs and lengths to suit your personality. Cardigans first came into the fashion scene back in the 1980s and made a large revival in the 2000s. Extremely versatile, women’s cardigans have quickly become a fashion commodity and can be worn s casual, formal, or even business in certain circumstances. There are six standard types of women cardigans in the fashion industry.

womens cardigans

Open Cardigans

The open cardigan is also known as a draped cardigan because it drapes along your body from the neckline to the hemline and has a completely open front. These cardigans usually come in knitted-wool, linen-cotton, or polyester wool and are about knee-length. They can go stylish with a tank top and jeans.

womens cardigans

Wrapped Cardigans

Wrap cardigans are shorter than draped and come down to right below the buttox. These have extra fabric on the two front panels of the cardigan that can be wrapped around your body usually about mid-waist. Fashion experts suggest this type of cardigan with either legs or skinny jeans and say that they are perfect for someone who is either pregnant or has a little extra weight in that area.

womens long cardigan

Tunic Cardigans

Tunic cardigans are mid-thigh in length to just above the knee, have an open front, and usually have overlarge arms with a wider armhole. As their name suggests, they resemble tunics. They pair well with long boots or with a heavy coat.

womens long cardigan

Long Cardigans

Women long cardigan is the most popular today and can reach to the knee or all the way to the ankle. These are usually open front and have fitted long sleeves. Some of these come with buttons or a form of latching the front together down through the waist area. They are frequently paired with stockings or leggings since they cover the back sufficiently, and come in knitted-wool, cashmere, or polyester wool.

 womens long cardigan

Cropped Cardigans

Cropped Cardigans make a perfect little addition to a “going-out” outfit or for a business style. These have long or short sleeves and only come down to the collar-bones or waistline. Recently, these are a common wedding item.

womens long cardigan

To be fashionable, you can not miss this fashion essential in your wardrobe. Wholesale cardigans run as cheap as a few dollars through $20-$30 depending on the length and the material and can be purchased online. So you can choose one that is suitable for you and become stylish.


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