Knit Dress is Back in Vogue

Have you already feel the cold and harsh wind? I love the autumn due to its wonderful views, and I do love the weather in autumn much more. In this season, I could put my favorite sweaters and knit dresses on, which is exactly the reason why I prefer autumn. As the sweater is for the colder days, I love to share some gorgeous ideas of dressing the knit dress which is one of my favorites.

women knitted dress

Feel a little bit too cold to wear the knit dress while expose your legs in the cold? Okay, a pair of knee boots got you covered. The leather boots will be the perfect choice, since it could keep you warm by wrapping your legs. If you still feel the cold, just throw on your black leggings, which is also the way to go.

women knitted dress

Instead of wearing the boots, you could pay attention to which kind of knit dress you choose. The long long women knitted dress can cover your legs to prevent the cold. However, it’s demanding to wear this kind of knit dress, as you know. Since you have to be tall enough, you will look a little bit ridiculous in this dress otherwise.

zanzea dress

I have already get tired of dressing in neutral, grey or other drab and dark colors in the cold weather, and I will love to have some bright colors to liven up this autumn. So why don’t we to have a pop of pink in this autumn? Doesn’t it look cute in these bright contrasting colors? And the winter seems to be more delightful with Zanzea dress.

women knitted dress

If you got the special love for the knitwear as I do, you should take the ideas that I show you above into account.


Hey, guys, this is Vicky. As a blogger who write about fashion clothing, I'm going to show you all kinds of fashion trends about slim figure, and I bet that you are going to love them.

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