The Lace Bra Trend

Lace Bra Trend

In the words of Victoria Secret “underwear is one of the sexiest things on a woman and the right underwear will give a woman incredible confidence”…well one of the biggest trends at the moment is showing off those sexy undies with the sheer fashion trend showing off your sexy bra!

Lace Bra Trend Lace Bra Trend

Too raunchy? Well look at these outfits before you totally dismiss the idea…

Lace Bra Trend

There are a few things to keep in mind with this fashion trend…firstly of course it needs to be a very pretty bra that is the perfect fit and in this case, black is the best option. Make sure your outfit works with the lacey bra and lastly, consider your age when wearing this trend – it can easily look like you are trying too hard with a trend like this!

Lace Bra TrendLace Bra Trend

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