Leather Skirt Review | The Leather Look, It’s not Just for Bikers

Leather skirt

Do you still remember I wrote the leather skirts last time? Now I give you some leather skirts review then you can consider more fashion ideas.

Leather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirt

Leather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirt

In the past if you had to establish a vision of “the leather look” typically images of rough looking bikers would come to mind. Over the last few seasons though, leather has proven to be a wardrobe essential which can be worn by any woman. Looks range from casual, to office, to party and all have one thing in common, they’re classy! And far from the biker chick look.

Leather skirt

Leather skirt Leather skirt Leather skirt

Leather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirt

First, let’s establish some basics for pulling off leather without having it look too harsh. The key is to pair it with super feminine fabrics and textures for contrast. Think lace, chiffon and ruffles, fur, very light weight flowing and soft materials to balance with the heaviness of the leather. For daytime wear, I recommend pairing your leather with a light color to keep it from being overly formal.

Leather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirt

For most body types I recommend wearing one form fitting item paired with a loss flowing item and which way you pair it will depend on which area you carry most of your weight. To balance out slim hips with broader shoulders aim for a flared A-line skirt paired with a form fitting lace top. If your hips are a bit wide I would stay away from the flared leather skirt

.Leather skirtLeather skirt

Leather skirtLeather skirtLeather skirt

Fashion wearing: Leather skirts

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