Let’s Rock the Fashion Industry With a Beret

Berets have their origin in France. Berets were worn by French painters back in the olden days and also later adopted by the pastry chefs. Now you talk of Beret, and you are speaking of fashionable design. In current times, a Beret is a fashion accessory loved and cherished by many in the fashion industry. Beret hats that come from many brands especially Christian Dior a fashionista have evolved a great deal. In 2018 alone various brands like the leather berets, striped berets, denim, and plaid paired berets rocked the fashion industry. Celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner rocked the fashion world with Christian Dior Beret Hats. As far as fashion is concerned, Beret hats are all fashion. All you have to do is to wear it properly to compliment your outfit. It can be dressed casually or with designer outfits. It’s up to you to include it in your wardrobe and bring out that bold and beautiful appearance out of yourself.

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Guide to wearing a Beret in style

First of all, you need to know how to wear the Beret. You have to put it on your head with the rim half an inch off your eyes and about three quarter up your forehead. The back should fit comfortably at your back neck. Then tuck in the brim and let one side of the beret cover your ear in a tilted manner. Secure the beret with a bobby pin to keep it in place.

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Once you can comfortably fit the beret on, you need to know how to wear it in style. Cheap hats like beret can bring a very classy look in your appearance. You can wear them with:

  1. Casual outfits- casual outfits like a leather jacket and a pair of jeans can be worn with a beret. This allows the outfits look more of designer especially if the hat matches with the blouse that you design to wear or with the leather jacket.

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  1. Long hair- It’s tricky to wear a beret with long hair or long curly one for that case. But all you have to do is to avoid putting a bun on the hair. The hair allowed to flow freely and having those curls fall on your shoulder offers you such a stylish look.

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  1. Designer outfits- stylish dresses or fancy blouses need a matching beret though cheap hat to add to the fashion look. High fashion suit coats also fit well with these cheap hats of the beret. They add glamour to the designer outfit.

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When you are looking for designer looks, don’t overlook the beret hats merely because they are cheap. Such an accessory to fashion adds it all to your confident look. All you have to do is give it a try. With the above guidelines, you are good to go. Rock out that fashionable look. For more clothing to rock this hat, please check here.


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