Looks TALLER by wearing matching!

Hey, are you ready to get taller in one second? I will tell you the secret which can make you taller. Just wearing the right clothing then you can make your body shape more perfect even you are not as tall as some super star.

Don’t think that maxi dresses is special for the tall women, you have to know that there are many pretty ladies below 160cm but they still love wearing the long dresses of zanzea fashion and the most important thing is they let their fans feel they have 170cm tall. Of course, there are some skills.

Tips 1: off shoulder design
Some long dresses will make you look shorter so if you can show some skin like wearing some off shoulder design, you can make yourself look taller, make your maxi dresses lighter and your body shape more perfect!

tall dressing tall dressing

Tips 2: show your ankle
Some Bohemia long dresses are beautiful but in the same time, it is too heavy if some short ladies are wearing it. So try to choose some maxi dresses which can show your ankle, if you can let people see your ankle if you are wearing the long dresses, then you can successfully make yourself look taller and sexier.

tall dressing tall dressing

Tips 3: wearing the high-heel shoes
Remember one rule, longer maxi dresses, and higher amazing high-heel shoes. Just don’t let people guess out how exactly tall are you with the high-hell shoes!

tall dressing tall dressing

Tips 4: stereovision
When petite girls choose dress to go out, we must pay attention to layering of clothing, the length of the binding. To create a new relationship this is about body proportions visually. A short section of the jacket will not only cover the meat arm, but also to the whole dress look more level, add some chic attitude. If the dress itself has no waist, so a belt is to make your perfect weapon of proportion.

tall dressing tall dressing

Tips 5: slits design
Irregular cutting and right slits design, even the little girls were also able to show the proportion of tall stature.

tall dressing tall dressing tall dressing

Tips 6: choosing some tighter
Petite girls in the choice of dress is also pay attention to the outline of the dress, too slim outline should be careful, I sketched out in the curve of the lower body, it also exposed length. In turn, the loose dress doll models are not good to wear, make you look shorter and bloated. This profile is only as tall supermodel this girl to control, otherwise, or adding extra belt trickier.

tall dressing tall dressing

Tips 7: choose the right accessories
Fashionable accessories are not only to enrich the shape, but also can get the people’s attention to your upper body. You can naturally make you look higher. A Panama hat or a long necklace more than one level is an excellent choice.

tall dressing tall dressing


Hello, everyone. I'm Nicole who love fashion, love smiling. My blog is writing about Zanzea clothing which is special for women to shape a slim body and chase after the fashion trend. Do you want to know the latest trend in the fashion world? I won't let you down.

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