Marc Jacobs Reminds You of Red and Blue

Marc Jacobs has moved his runway show to Ziegfeld Theatre at September 15, 2015, and you can’t deny that this is such a creative way. Ziegfeld Theatre is the cinema of New York City, build in 1969. This special place for Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2016 Fashion Show is totally beyond our imagination, and it does surprise me. However, what surprise me the most must be the fashion clothing that shown on that cinema.

marc jacobs show

Stick to the combination of red and blue, Marc Jacobs did make a great big success. Although there are different shows that I could choose to share with you, I still choose this one, as it caught my attention at the first sight somehow.

split dresses

To add the luxury vibe to the clothing, those wonderful dresses or skirts are sequined with plaid pattern in red and blue. And you could see those gorgeous dresses are style with sweaters in red or blue to keep it a little bit toned down.

striped clothes

Striped clothes in red and blue remind us of The Stars and Stripes, which mean so much to all of us. So those clothes that are inspired by The Stars and Stripes are always vintage and meaningful. Don’t ever forget the striped pattern, since it works well in tops or bottoms at the same time. And I bet that the striped clothing is going to be more and more popular.

marc jacob runaway show

As from so many fashion shows that I have seen, I bet that the split dresses will be the fashion trend of next year. The split design makes your long long leg much more attractive and alluring, which you can’t deny.

fashion skirts

Similar with the split dresses, the see-through skirts are going to be trendy in next year too. There will be different kinds of see-through skirts, as some of them are knitted while others will be made of chiffon or grenadine.

marc jacob fashion show fashion week gorgeous dresses

Now get ready to wear red and blue for 2016.


Hey, guys, this is Vicky. As a blogger who write about fashion clothing, I'm going to show you all kinds of fashion trends about slim figure, and I bet that you are going to love them.

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