Naked? Or not naked?

not real nakedCould you distinguish between naked or not naked? Is it a strange question? Actually I am sure you are definitely not know which one is real naked!

not real nakednot real naked

not real naked not real naked not real naked

London Famous photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz just took a series of pictures few days ago, and all of these pictures are amazing and creative for everyone! He dash of milk in the models’ face, and in the same time, he uses the high-speed photography then he was filming the entire process! So what do you think what will get it?

not real nakednot real nakednot real naked

The shaking milk which one still in the air will be the clothing of all the models! They suddenly became the Queen’s New Clothes! That is gorgeous!

not real nakednot real nakednot real naked

To take this beautiful clothing moment, they need an average of 200 original films each photo shoot to combine together. There is a very high demand for the entire group of works of photographers and camera teams’ creation, lighting speed shooting even spilled milk.

not real nakednot real nakednot real nakednot real naked

That is the real photo process I show you the flowing pics. And the other jobs are also amazing!

not real nakednot real nakednot real naked


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