We Need To Talk About Rihanna’s Dress

If you’re a human living on this planet then you’re probably up to date with the latest controversy exploding all over the internet: Rihanna’s nude sheer dress at the CFDA Awards, a gown that left little to the imagination, exposing her drop dead gorgeous body, covered in tiny sparkles and glitter from head to toe, as her head was wrapped up in a glittery scarf reminding us of the 1920′s icon, Josephine Baker.

rihanna dress

Anyone with a pulse has an opinion about the dress, with statements ranging from Stunning, Beautiful, Flawless, Gorgeous, all the way to Cheap, Attention seeker, Horrendous, Ugly, Disrespectful et all.

rihanna dressrihanna dressrihanna dress

Whatever you say about the dress, and the occasion, one thing is true – she owned it. She killed it. And she’s the only one who could have pulled off such a risque look and extravagant way-too-sexy Adam Selman dress, and look absolutely beautiful in it. Although it naked but still incredibly gorgeous.

rihanna dress

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