Never Being Old Fashion

Audrey Hepburn has always been a classic, elegant fashion incarnation. Her temperament and charming style is extraordinary by storm in the 1960s.

No matter whether we have been though that time, we cannot forget the classic image of her. And now is 2015, a lot of fashion clothing are still the hot trend on my girls. Let’s check the entire hot product and some hot elements!

Never Being Old Fashion

  1. Striped shirt

Striped shirts are easy to match and it is very useful, and also the basic style of all the fashion girls. No matter what you are wearing, striped can always matches perfectly. And who is your best partner in your wardrobe.

Never Being Old Fashion Never Being Old Fashion

  1. Jumpsuit

Comfortable and convenient one-piece pants, put on flat shoes can drink tea and sisterhood shopping; wearing high heels can be fashionable and modeling work. In recent years the spring and summer, not only big push-piece pants European and American brands, many Korean goods is introduced fashionable fabrics of different colors, Taiwan racquet can see summer style amoeba, flowers jumpsuit pants, everyone selection lot of it! But want fashion taste, I personally recommend the black one-piece pants, wearing sunglasses a large pack a carry, the people are like Hollywood celebrities in general, fashion posture big promotion!

Never Being Old FashionNever Being Old Fashion

  1. Plaid shirt

Actually I don’t want to say any more. Plaid fashion is always the hot element in fashion world. Boys love it so much, too.

Never Being Old Fashion

Never Being Old Fashion

  1. White shirt

I have recommended it few days ago, if you want to have some information about that, just look my blog back!Never Being Old Fashion

Never Being Old Fashion

  1. Halterdress

Halter dress is full of the sense of vintage. Speaking of halter dress, I will think of Marilyn Monroe, she is also having a sexy deep v halter dress, that is another deep impression.

Never Being Old FashionNever Being Old Fashion

  1. Long maxi dress

Maxi dress is the hot single product in every summer. Maxi dress can appear many kinds of styles include vintage, cool style and elegant style.

Never Being Old FashionNever Being Old Fashion

  1. The classic windbreaker

When the season is turning into autumn, cover a windbreaker on your look is very amazing! When you tight your windbreaker, you can show your slim waist. If you want to be the movie guy, you should have a windbreaker in this autumn!

Never Being Old FashionNever Being Old Fashion

  1. Striped pants

Are you afraid of your leg is not lone enough by looking like? When you are putting on striped pants, it can make your leg looks longer! And long striped pants can match some dress shirt for you to work and it also match the crop top for street style.

Never Being Old FashionNever Being Old Fashion

  1. Lace dress

Finally the lace element, lace is classic forever. Every season needs lace. Especially in summer, lace products will have a bag hot sale. Many occasions can have a lace product on our matching, it never let you down!Never Being Old FashionNever Being Old Fashion

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