No matter which skin color you have!

I always want my skin can be whiter because when I am looking some magazines, I can see many models are gorgeous with their white skin. So I am afraid to explode under the sunshine, of course, one of the reason is I am easy to turn black once I enjoy the sunshine.

So, I was wondering does only white skin can match fashion clothing amazing? And the answer is no! I needn’t keep the white skin on purpose and I should enjoy the sunshine as I want! No matter which skins color you have, you just know how to choose the right color of fashion clothing then you can also be the most stylish one in all of white skin pretty girls.

I’d love to show you out super star Rihanna’s stunning fashion clothing with her black skin and some color tips for you to choose your own color!

skin color fashion

Rule NO.1: choose some red color clothing to be your dressing, just the red one.
The reason to choose the most positive is red because red is sufficiently full gloss, contrast with your dark skin bright enough to make you look more dynamic!

skin color fashion

Rule NO.2: All white matching or Denim.
White styling does not make you become “more black” it only makes you look more personal, more temperament! This whole body white mix but not for fair-skinned girls. This outfit is simply the United States turned a real “Advanced” sexy! This summer, show your perfect body line, the more sunlight dark belly sexy.

skin color fashionskin color fashionskin color fashionskin color fashionskin color fashionskin color fashion

Rule NO.3: Some fluorescence is perfect.
Chic matching for deep skin color, you should have a try!

skin color fashionskin color fashion

skin color fashionskin color fashion


Hello, everyone. I'm Nicole who love fashion, love smiling. My blog is writing about Zanzea clothing which is special for women to shape a slim body and chase after the fashion trend. Do you want to know the latest trend in the fashion world? I won't let you down.

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