One-Piece Swimsuits: The BIKINI Style of 2014 summer

bikini fashion bikini fashion bikini fashion

Love it or hate it, the one piece swimsuit stuck, courtesy of celebs looking to jazz up their beach style by covering up, or of us mortals who, instead of working our abs would rather eat a late carbs dinner and trade the 2 piece bikini for the one piece little sexy thang. And you know what? It is so much sexier, don’t you think so?

bikini fashion bikini fashion bikini fashion bikini fashion

Or maybe it’s just the novelty of it. In 2014 that is, cause the one piece swimwear is anything but new in fashion. Hello!!! 90s resurrection all over again with a bit of those 80s and what do you say, what do you know the one piece little shit is back in action, looking more fabulous than ever.

bikini fashion bikini fashion

What does this tell us ladies?

Well, maybe the old and wise are right after all. The less you show the sexier you are. That, and fashion is an inconsistent bitch.

bikini fashionbikini fashion

bikini fashion

I did say something about that late snack, but the reality is you’ve got to have a great bod for any bikini style, and the one piece is no exception. Actually it requires killer legs, bum, and, okay those abs are undercover, but the rest of it is not, so… not much of a deal is it. And the purpose of it is not really attained either. You know, tanning sans extra lines.

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