Only four dresses can hold your summer!

Are you ready to spend this summer in the most fashionable look? Summer is the season which can test your fashion taste and I want you guys can be stylish in summer. So I will tell you which four dresses can make you stylish in this summer 2015!

summer dressesFirst, black striped dress.

Black was thin female doubt, coupled with harness dress stretching effect, making full sense of the whole line. A solid series of bags, plus a pair of sunglasses, a classic white sneakers or thong flat sandals, simple perfect Look, dating shopping trips completely hold live!

summer dresses

summer dressessummer dressessummer dresses

Tips: Although this is a black dress, you should notice the cutting if you want to look more elegant! Just like some irregular cutting, high-slit or lace.

Second, bright color striped dress.
Bright color dresses are the one of hit fashion in this summer, makes your summer be colorful!

summer dressessummer dressessummer dressessummer dresses

Tips: Bright color clothing is harder than black and white on people’s body, you should choose that according to your skin color! And if you cannot carry this bright color, maybe you will become a country girl!

Third, white striped dress.
White is the color of this year’s mainstream, one white and it was to play to the extreme, this summer and if you do not have a white dress with girlfriends also how the nerve to talk about fashion? White is a very good color to wear, a full skirt will make you immortal gas full range of children flew to the goddess. Various types of shoes can also turn the ride, there will be surprises style.

summer dressessummer dresses

summer dressessummer dresses

Tips: If you think the whole white on your look is a little weird, try to add a belt, no matter brown or black.

Fourth, flower pattern striped dress.
Flower maxi dresses with high-heel, I won’t say any more!

summer dressessummer dressessummer dresses

summer dressessummer dresses

Tips: Because your flower maxi dress is including a lot of colors so you should choose some pure color accessories, and better have the same color in your dressing, that is more match!

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