Plaid Fashion in this autumn

PLAID FASHIONSo I come back and tell you how rock the other trend is to play the fall / winter runway.


Yes, this timeless classic is back, I think I will show the way to wear fashion, rather than go to the board. Many fashion houses like Dior, Armani, Prada, rag and bone, comme des garcon, Louis Vuitton and others have included plaid suits, skirts and outerwear in predominantly Scottish plaid.


Sometimes when looking at runway trends it’s not about exactly wearing it how they style it but by using it as inspiration to create your own look, but still following the trends!


Interior decoration and fashion designers have drawn inspiration for years. From the theme of the color and pattern of the fabric, it is easy to look from the runway into its own home design.

Check the fashion trend continues year after year. March of this year’s fashion week full of grid looking for the fall of 2011.


Plaid is the best of both worlds: it is classic, but it can easily realize the modernization and smooth line width and color. It’s easy to inject a sign of a fashion print to your home, I’m not saying just through the blankets and throws. The grid can be general, so don’t be afraid to combine it with a different print, in order to add texture and depth to your space. From the furniture to the wall, we find our favorite grid pattern to look like you’re adding some lattice to your next renovation project.


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