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The T-shirt has become a universal element of clothing for a variety of styles – from sports to business. It is often one of the most striking costume details. The collections of women’s shirts in summer 2014 only confirm this trend, offering a variety of interesting trending solutions.

Zanzea T-Shirt

One of the most popular trends of summer 2014 are women’s T-shirts with slogans and various art prints in the classic black and white version or the color one.

Zanzea T-ShirtZanzea T-ShirtZanzea T-ShirtZanzea T-Shirt

Geometric pattern, color blocks and combination of different fabrics are the next distinctive trend of women’s T-shirts of summer 2014. Color and monochrome stripes, triangles, check, contrasting sleeves and T-shirts’ division at the chest line are the techniques that are found in almost all collections, combining the actual sport style with the elements of modernism.
Zanzea T-Shirt

Trendy T-shirts of 2014 can be one-colored: white, black or beige, actual pastel and bright colors. Such solutions tend to create a backdrop for other colorful items. On the other hand, T-shirts with colorful drawings and prints play the role of a central element of the costume

Zanzea T-ShirtZanzea T-Shirt

Except for the traditional stockinet, women’s summer T-shirt can be made of almost any material, including the leather. The solution, when the material is the same as the skirt or trousers, looks interesting.

Zanzea T-ShirtZanzea T-ShirtZanzea T-Shirt

Transparent T-shirts of 2014 is the trend for the most daring women of fashion. Such model looks particularly impressive in combination with a long or bulk skirt. Actual solution is the transparent material, and also the popular mesh. A compromise variant is when some parts of the T-shirt are made of transparent fabric, such as sleeves or the bottom.
Zanzea T-Shirt

Except for the standard and close-fitting models it’s fashionable to wear T-shirts of bigger sizes in fashion trends summer 2014. It may have the effect of extended neck and fall off one shoulder, or it may simply give the outfit a more free and relaxed look. Also the asymmetric cut is in fashion; often it comes to the top of the T-shirts. For example, the asymmetrical shirt with one bare shoulder looks very feminine.

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