Ralph Lauren Puts on a Mind Blowing 4D Runway Show

Today I am going to repost some funny and bigger fashion news for you. Have you heard that there is a 4D runway show in recent time? I am sure you will be very interested if you love fashion.

4D runway

Ralph Lauren has never been shy about innovating, the company just announced the release of a wearable tech line used at the U.S. Open and its Polo for Women show was a continuation of that spirit. Hosted at Central Park’s Cherry Hill Monday night, the spring line was shown not on a physical runway, but instead displayed on a towering 60-foot tall, 150-foot wide screen of water. And it was that humongous fountain that made up the four-dimensions Polo had everyone so excited about. Holographic models wearing bright clothes walked down a runway where various scenes of New York, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the High Line acted as the backdrop. Settings transitioned like pages in a storybook, one sinking before another popped up.

[vsw id=”a9FKZ-zqKHQ” source=”youtube” width=”625″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

The event also celebrated the opening of Ralph Lauren’s Fifth Avenue flagship and the company’s charitable park initiatives. It’ll be donating to the Institute for Urban Parks and to the Woodland Campaign, which is refurbishing Central Park’s Ramble by the event’s location.

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