How Retro Style Combines With 2018 Fashion Trends?

We already stepped into 2018 and it’s quite obvious that some trends are getting back from the past. And this comes as no surprise because retro fashion can be pretty stylish and to some extent – even modern. After all, thanks to retro fashion from the 1960s woman are now wearing knee-high boots and skirts above the knee.

retro dresses

When we look back, in 2013 quite popular were polka dots, worn in the 1950s and brought back to life by Taylor Swift. In 2016 really popular were fur coats, worn by celebrities based on 1970s fashion.

retro dresses

And what are the vintage trends in 2018? Here we’re going to discuss how retro style combines with 2018 fashion trends.

First and for most, flowers are back! Floral prints are getting attractive again, especially for retro dresses. It’s a throwback to vintage look form 1960s and 70s. And after clear see-through tops and jeans, rompers and others, this design feels pretty fresh. Floral retro dresses will most certainly be popular for spring 2018.

retro dresses

A few of the most well-known clothing brands already included this kind of designs in their clothing line. Some of these companies are Dolce & Gabbana with fancy roses combined with geometric shapes on a black background. Marc Jacobs had a show with models wearing floral dresses with matching headscarves.Of course, Gucci also has it’s own vintage flowers designs on their signature purses.

retro dresses The second trend that will make a comeback form retro prism from the 1970s to 90s is denim. Straight leg jeans are popular again and don’t be surprised that you will see a whole lot of baggy jeans this year. Also, short denim skirts are fashionable and perfect if you are proud to show your legs this summer. You can wear it with long sleeve sweater.

retro dresses

Don’t forget dark denim dresses that will be perfect for upcoming summer and spring. Feel free to combine them with spring white boots.

retro dresses

But denim doesn’t have to be rough as it was in the 1990s, truly popular will be soft linen, which will allow more sophisticated and modern look to it. Almost white denim look will most unquestionably be common this year, as it ads a nice twist to a vintage fashion.

retro dresses

As this year started off, retro fashion is becoming more popular. And this is only a beginning, it’s speculated that by the end of this year more vintage fashion trends will be brought back to life. So, are you ready to rock retro fashion in 2018?





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