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ripped denim pants

The ripped jeans trend is back from the 90s and is hotter than ever. These super-trendy destroyed jeans range in a variety of styles – from the sexy skinny leg to cool and casual boyfriend jeans with a cropped hem.

ripped denim pants ripped denim pants ripped denim pants

And now this ripped jeans is the hottest sold out product in Sheinside. I need to write down this fashion review for you guys then tell you all of these pics’ fashion matching prefect places. If you love the destroyed jeans look but aren’t sure if you could pull it off, I suggest you start with something simple, with just a few rips and tears and in a fit that doesn’t hug around your legs.

ripped denim pantsripped denim pants

Also remember to balance out the look, so if the jeans have multiple or large rips you should keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid over-cluttering your silhouette. For example, balance the edgy look with a basic, solid colored tunic tee along with gladiator sandals or simple canvas sneakers. You could go for a dressy top but then again, there should be minimal with rips on the jeans to let the top be the focal point of your outfit.

ripped denim pantsripped denim pants

How to accessorize with the ripped jeans
To give your distressed jeans a more dressy and trendy look throw in bangle bracelet, high heels, necklace or a fedora hat. Make sure that they’re simple in color and design and that they don’t look too shabby with the rest of the outfit.

ripped denim pantsripped denim pants

Best shoes with ripped jeans
High heel shoes can look good with ripped jeans but it depends on the style of the shoes. Stilettos, flashy pumps and boots with a pointy toe outdate the pants and make you look tacky. Instead go for trendy shoes with wider heels and/or platform. Open toe shoes softens the jeans – making it look more feminine and girly.

ripped denim pantsripped denim pants

Other things to remember
Also, go easy and natural on the makeup and hair to avoid looking overdone. The best look with these type of jeans is often balanced, combined with classy and feminine pieces.

ripped denim pantsripped denim pants


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