Rock The Bohemian Style with Hippie Dresses With Pockets

The fashion trends of the 60s are back in the industry and you definitely don’t want to miss out on elegant vintage silhouettes after reading this article. Dressing like a hippie is like the new mantra among 21st-century fashionistas, and believe me, none of us expected the elegance and funk of 60s fashion trends to make a comeback.

This article is the best guide for you if you are a fan of hippie dresses and want to try them in different ways and combinations.


1. Blast From The Past

As the main silhouettes of the 60s of the last century tightened, tightened, hippie dresses with pockets only became looser, longer, and more colorful. Hippies pulled early 20th century dresses from antique shops and combined them with oriental styles and aesthetic influences to create a look that is now strongly associated with the eco-conscious Mother Earth. It was really old school before it got cool. This style is not only cleaner but can also be made more formal or classy for a more sophisticated event.
Columnar or rustic/Renaissance dresses in maxi length. Sleeve length doesn’t matter, but big, smooth sleeves are best. Stick to white, almost white, floral, or simple ethnic prints. Soil color can be used as a substitute as long as it is not too thick.
If you don’t make dresses, try baggy linen pants with a tunic top. For shoes, leather/leather flats add a touch of bohemian style, while some granny boots will give you an antique shop look. Regarding accessories, bandanas, headbands, or garlands are worn on the forehead.

Hippie skirts

2. Long Skirts

A long paisley skirt or floral print paired with a simple tank top, a floral headband or floppy hat, and maybe a pair of boots if you like (or wedge heels) is a total boho fun option. Take a step forward with a plaid or flannel shirt tied at the waist.

Hippie dress

3. Short Dress

A short kaftan or light dress in handmade cotton or linen creates the perfect boho-chic outfit. Add long oxidized silver jewelry, feather earrings, pompom accessories, and nude boots.


4. Long Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress alone gives you a million ways to go with the bohemian vibe. Prints such as paisley, floral, flowy, geometric, and eclectic make more of your appearance. Pair it with an elegant neckline and/or bandana, gladiator sandals or pompoms, and a giant finger ring to suit the occasion. You can also wear a denim vest with a print or a leather jacket.


5. Maxi Skirts

If you’re fresh to bohemian fashion and desire to take it a step at a time, begin with a maxi skirt—or the latest style maxi skirt with a tie. They are super chic, more boho-chic and the perfect choice for hippie-style outfits.


6. Bohemian Style Evening Dress

Evening dresses in the bohemian style are very different from the usual fast trends. So when you think of an evening gown, it’s not your typical LBD or sequin gown. Anything flowing, flowing, long, or printed will give you a boho look. Needless to say, add some statement embellishment.


The Hippie dress is very much in style and you don’t want to be left behind. With the ideas I have shared above, you are sure to have that Hippie look. Don’t hesitate to make your purchase on Banggood.

Rock The Bohemian Style with Hippie Dresses With Pockets
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Rock The Bohemian Style with Hippie Dresses With Pockets
Hippie dresses are a fashion that was popular in the '60s and it's no surprise that they are back in vogue. I will be showing you some ways you can rock these clothes.


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