Rock Your Hood Like A Celebrity With These 4 Amazing Tips

Fall is fast approaching and like everyone else, women are busy restocking their closets with all the necessary attires they would require to pull them through the season. One of such must-haves include hoodies, which have now become a trend for everyone. Celebrities are also not spared from this craze fashion trend. And as we all know, celebrities not only share with us their daily encounters but have also become part and parcel of fashion pacesetters. And like we have done before with fashion boots, we’re here today to share some tips on how to rock your hoodies like a celebrity.

fashion bootsKatrina Kaif’s ribbed denim and animal prints Hood Look

There is no denying that hoodies can be a little boring especially if you plan on wearing them every day of the week. Why not try breaking the trend by pairing them with a pair of ribbed blue denim and black boots just the same way Katyrina Kaif did? To add some glamor, throw in a pair of large black sunglasses and leave the hoodies’ zip open. It’s a simple but classy street-style.

fashion boots

Priyanka Chopra’s Over-The-Head white Sweater Hood

There is no formula on how to pool a smart chic look with your hood. On this particular look, Priyanka pulled her hood over the head and left the rest of it loosely hanging. She paired it with fitting leather shorts and ankle length fashion boots. You can decide to go with whichever shoes you want. Remember comfort is the essence of a trendy street appearance.

fashion boots

Gigi Hadid’s Cropped Brown Hood and Tights

Well, tights haven’t run out of fashion and it seems that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. If you love crop-tops then you will definitely find Gigi’s cropped hoodies look interesting. The secret here is to look-out for blending colors. Also, don’t let the hood be too big or too fitting. Anything in-between will do the trick. Go with a little make-up for a fabulous look.

fashion boots

Beyonce’s Yellow Themed Hood

Talking of Beyonce, songstress undoubtedly one of the most looked-up-to fashion queen. Everything seems to look great on her. And so did her yellow-themed hood which she paired with black fitting pants on one of her out-and-about adventures. You can try pulling a cap over your head and a pair of flat fashion boots to have a complete feel of this amazing street look.

fashion boots

Whichever types of hoodies you choose to stock, remember it all boils down to how you wear them to achieve that splendid chic street look. These four tips are merely an eye-opener to how creative you can get! For more fashion hoodies, please go to Banggood.


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